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  • The Religious Studies minor at Lang explores the intersections and intimate connections between systems of beliefs and practices, ethical codes, rituals, narratives, philosophies, stories, and social structures across many cultures and centuries. Engaging with the human experience in its deepest and broadest sense, this exciting interdisciplinary field represents an integral part of a liberal arts education.

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    Is religion a help or a hindrance, dated or timeless? Is it a force of oppression or liberation, a practice of connection or exclusion? As a student of Religious Studies, you explore traditions, practices, and questions that engage the whole person, investigating and (re)considering categories of tradition and innovation, both sacred and secular. Using critical methods of the humanities and social sciences as well as creative traditions in the arts, you learn to appreciate religion's place and power in contexts personal, political and spiritual.

    As a Religious Studies student, your growing awareness of religious traditions and practices cultivates empathy and understanding across divisions in the midst of contemporary challenges. You grapple with issues of meaning and identity, sparking deeper forms of creativity and commitment.

    Public programs at The New School also give students in the Religious Studies program and throughout the university opportunities to explore the intersection of religion and the arts, social justice, and contemporary politics at local and global levels.

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    Connecting to New York City

    While it offers the atmosphere and intimacy of a small college, Eugene Lang College is part of The New School, a major progressive university in New York City. The city offers a perfect laboratory for study of and dialogue about religion. 

    Career Paths

    The study of religion provides an intellectual and spiritual background for those interested in pursuing careers in social service, education, ministry, hospitality, and the arts. Many alumni go on to further study in academic and religious contexts. They lead and serve in religious, social service, and activist communities. They have pursued careers in journalism, film, literature, teaching, and the performing arts. Consult our 4-Year Lang Career Pathways Map (PDF) for helpful steps and resources to link your academic journey to your future plans.

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