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    Race and Ethnicity

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  • The Race and Ethnicity minor at Lang examines the role of race and ethnicity in shaping social, economic, cultural, and political discourse in the United States and around the world. You explore multiple social categories of human difference, such as class, gender, sexuality, and religion while developing the skills and knowledge needed to bring about social change.

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    The interdisciplinary minor in Race and Ethnicity draws on humanities and social sciences courses offered across the university that explore how the categories of race and ethnicity are constructed, maintained, and challenged. You are immersed in the theoretical foundations of critical race, ethnic, and indigenous studies, as well as their applied aspects, examining how issues of race and ethnicity play out in daily life. 

    As a Race and Ethnicity student, you develop the skills and knowledge to engage in conscientious and effective social change, learning to 

    • Think critically and communicate about how categories of race and ethnicity evolved, and how they operate at individual, institutional, national, and global levels
    • Identify relationships between the constructions of race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, gender, privilege, and power
    • Analyze a variety of materials and media, including texts, the arts (visual, musical, dance, theater, and film), and journalism through the lens of critical race theory and ethnic studies

    Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts cannot minor in Race and Ethnicity; however, they can pursue deeper study in this subject area as part of their self-designed major.

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    Connecting to New York City

    While it offers the atmosphere and intimacy of a small college, Eugene Lang College is part of The New School, a major progressive university in New York City. Our NYC location enables you to explore race and ethnicity within the context of a global city that becomes your learning laboratory. Students in the I Have a Dream course, for example, learn the history, theory, and practice of theater education and also participate in a Harlem after-school program, engaging with middle school students in theater improvisations and collaborating with them to produce short films.

    Career Paths

    Education at Eugene Lang College is designed to develop well-rounded and engaged citizens who are thoughtful, articulate, and creative. The study of race and ethnicity can prepare you for work in advocacy, social and public service, international and non-governmental organizations, marketing and market research, community development, and government, as well as graduate study. Consult our 4-Year Lang Career Pathways Map (PDF) for helpful steps and resources to link your academic journey to your future plans.

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