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  • Welcome to The New School's Sexual Assault Campus Climate Survey webpage. Here you will find the Sexual Assault Campus Climate Assessment reports.  New York State’s Education Law, Article 129-B (“Enough Is Enough”) mandates colleges and universities within the state to conduct campus climate surveys every two years to quantify the prevalence of sexual assault on campus, assess students’ attitudes and awareness about sexual misconduct and how to report it on campus as well as who to report to, and help institutions identify ways to address the issue.  The data gathered by the Campus Climate Survey will serve to inform the guidance and education surrounding these topics as well as the amount of training still needed and in what areas.  

    The New School administered the Sexual Assault Campus Climate confidential survey from December 16, 2021, to February 4, 2022, which was accessible online technological devices: smartphones, tablets and desktops. The New School has also partnered with Everfi previously and, starting in the Spring 2023 semester, will be partnering with Vector Solutions to provide an innovative online training tool for sexual assault prevention training. While the Everfi/Vector Solutions training is available to all students, it is specifically required for incoming and transfer students, along with identified students who hold positions of leadership (i.e. heads of student organizations, student athletes, students studying abroad and domestically, and students designated as a vulnerable population by the college). The training is consistent with the requirements mandated in EIE, and is customized ensuring that students are trained by their own Title IX office on policies and procedures of the university. 

    2021 - 2022 Sexual Assault Campus Climate survey

    The 2021 - 2022 Sexual Assault Campus Climate survey yielded the following major takeaways:

    • 83% of respondents received information on how to report an incident of sexual assault. 80% knew where to get help and to whom they can speak confidentially.
    • 96% of respondents are positive they would get help if someone had been sexually assaulted. 84% are positive that their fellow students’ would do the same.
    • Of 395 respondents, 41% had someone make sexual comments, send unwanted communications or was followed, watched, or viewed without consent or in a way that made them feel unsafe. 6% were inappropriately touched. 4% were forced to perform sexual activities. 49% of respondents reported none of the above.

    View the detailed report 

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