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  • Notable New Schoolers

  • Nelson Barbosa



    Nelson Barbosa is an economist and Brazil's former minister of finance. He received a PhD in Economics from The New School for Social Research where he focused on Structuralist Macroeconomics and systems that act as obstructions to financially developing underdeveloped nations.

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    Ana Oliveira


    Ana Oliviera

    Labeled “an unsung hero” by Newsweek, Ana Oliveira has dedicated her life to human rights activism. After graduating from The New School for Social Research with an MA in Anthropology, Oliveira became the first female and Latino executive director of Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC). In 2006, Oliveira became the CEO and president of The New York Women's Foundation, a nonprofit that pursues economic security and justice for women and girls.

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  • Since the founding of the New School for Social Research in 1919, distinguished intellectuals and scholars have upheld a tradition of challenging orthodoxy, helping to transform the social sciences and philosophy, and changing theoretical and methodological approaches in their fields.

    These scholars include:


    • Peter L. Berger, sociologist

    • Eugene Goossen, art critic and historian

    • Abraham Maslow, a founder of Humanistic Psychology

    • Kevin Mattson, historian and political analyst

    • Sidney Mintz, anthropologist

    • Franco Modigliani, 1985 Nobel Prize in Economics winner

    • Richard Noll, clinical psychologist and writer

    • Eduardo Ochoa, President of Cal State, San Luis Obispo

    • Franklin Delano Roosevelt III, PhD, economist

    • Yossi Sarid, MA, political science, journalist

    • Dr. Ruth Westheimer, sex therapist

    Activism and Social Entrepreneurship

    • Ray Acheson, Nobel Prize

    • Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink

    • William Donohue, sociologist, Catholic League president

    • Edwin Fancher, Founder of the Village Voice

    • Abraham Foxman, director of Anti-Defamation League

    • Janine Jackson, program director of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

    • Ellen Johnson, president of American Atheists

    • Stephan Said, activist, songwriter

    • Martin Whitman, Chairman and CEO of Third Avenue Investments

    Politics and Government

    • Nelson Barbosa, PhD, economist, Brazil's former minister of finance

    • Millicent Fenwick, editor, politician, diplomat

    • Lisa Grande, UN Commissioner in Iraq

    • Stephanie Kelton, chief economist Bernie Sanders for President

    • Shimon Peres, former president of Israel

    • Tinga Seisay, diplomat, pro-democracy activist

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