• Part-Time Faculty Union Members Ratify Strong New Contract

    The New School is pleased to share that a strong, fair, five-year contract was ratified by our part-time faculty union members, with 97% approval.

    This new contract increases compensation significantly, protects health care benefits, and provides an administrative services payment that is given in recognition of administrative preparation prior to the beginning of a semester.

    The contract is backdated from November 14, 2022 and runs through August 31, 2027. Several elements, such as pay raises, would be retroactive to the start of the fall 2022 semester. Part-time faculty should expect to receive a separate communication from Human Resources outlining the timing of retroactive pay raises, new benefit offerings, and more

    Our gratitude and thanks go to both bargaining teams, who worked tirelessly to reach an agreement that reflects the needs of our part-time faculty and their critical contributions to our community.

    Read more about our contract negotiations with ACT-UAW Local 7902, one of the unions representing our talented part-time faculty, and consider key facts in this important discussion.

    Part-time faculty play a vitally important role in The New School community, and we look forward to reaching a fair and equitable agreement that works for everyone. We deeply respect our part-time faculty and remain committed to a renewal agreement that provides competitive compensation, exceptional benefits, and protected time off as well as resources that support our faculty’s great work.

    We will continue to keep everyone updated as these negotiations progress.

    50 years of working with unions on our campus
    The New School has a 50-year track record of working successfully with its unions. There are currently nine unions that represent faculty and staff on our campus.

    Clarity and security for our part-time faculty
    A renewal agreement – with competitive compensation, strong benefits, and important workplace improvements – will provide added clarity and security for our part-time faculty.

    Robust dialogue is in our DNA
    As an academic community founded on the principles of discussion and dissent, we expect to see and hear more of the passionate debate that is deeply embedded in The New School’s DNA. We remain confident that this process, strengthened by open, respectful negotiations, will ultimately conclude with a strong renewal contract in place. 

    Quick Facts

    • ACT-UAW Local 7902 has represented The New School’s part-time faculty since 2005. There are currently around 2,600 New School employees represented by Local 7902.
    • Local 7902 and the university jointly agreed to extend the existing collective bargaining agreement, which has been in place since 2019. This contract remains in effect.
    • Minimum rates for our part-time faculty are currently $71.31 to $127.85 per teaching hour based on the type of course they teach.
    • The New School elected to continue providing comprehensive medical for part-time faculty during the height of the pandemic.

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    Negotiations Principles

    Unions are a proud part of our culture and community, and our progressive values as an institution inform our partnerships with Local 7902 and each of the other labor organizations with which we work. Negotiations and other discussions with our part-time faculty are guided by clear, consistent principles, including:

    Fairness and Transparency

    We are open and honest in discussions with our labor groups, in the sharing of information and perspectives, and in related communications to the university community and other stakeholders.


    We are responsive to requests, questions, and concerns from our unionized workforce and are committed to timely resolution of issues raised.

    Doing What Is Right for Students, Faculty, and Staff

    We stay constantly focused on reaching outcomes that improve the education and support the success of all of our students and that benefit the full New School community.

    Maintaining a Long-Term View

    We seek to find the balance between near-term educational and operational priorities and the goal of strengthening the long-term interests of the university to ensure that The New School will be able to build on its legacy and serve students and its entire community for generations to come.

    Respect for the Collective Bargaining Process

    We respect the collective bargaining process and view the negotiating table as a safe space for the free and open exchange of ideas and proposals.

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