• Estate & Gift Planning
  • Planned gifts have an enduring effect on The New School. By including us in your estate and financial planning, you are ensuring that our students will continue to benefit from your thoughtfulness and generosity for years to come.  

    We just released the Envision Your Legacy Questionnaire to find out what aspects of The New School our community values most and what their hopes are for our future. You can share your New School story and add your voice to the conversation.

    The New Society recognizes donors who have chosen to make a difference for our school and its students for generations to come through a planned gift. If you have included The New School in your estate plans with a documented bequest intention, retained life estate, or charitable trust, we would be grateful and honored to include you in this community of supporters. Membership is based not on the size of your gift, but on your willingness to share the details of your plan with us. We will keep your information in confidence, and your membership could inspire others to follow your good example and consider their own gift planning. 

    To notify us of your intention and join the Society, please contact us directly, submit the online Legacy Gift Intention Form, or email the completed printable form to:

    Meg Kaufmann
    Vice President, Development and Alumni Engagement
    [email protected]

    Ways to Give

    Gift planning vehicles provide flexible options for every donor to make use of complex assets and reduce capital gains and income taxes while making an investment in the future our students will create. Consider one of these options to make your contribution and contact us for more information. 

    • Charitable bequest: A bequest is the simplest way to make a planned gift to The New School. By including a provision for The New School in your estate plans, you can make a valuable contribution to our students’ future without affecting your lifestyle, your cash flow, or your family’s security. 

    • IRA gift: Gifts of retirement assets can provide valuable tax benefits for you and your family while maximizing your impact on our students. You can designate The New School as a beneficiary of your retirement account or, if you are 70½ years of age or older, take advantage of the IRA rollover to transfer your required minimum distribution directly to The New School.

    • Gift of life insurance: If you have an unneeded life insurance policy, you can provide a great benefit to The New School by either designating the university as a beneficiary of your plan or transferring ownership of the policy to us.

    • Gift of real estate: If you own real property (land and/or the structures and natural resources on that land), you can donate it to The New School outright or use it to fund a gift planning vehicle like a trust. 

    • Charitable Trusts: There are a number of different kinds of trusts to fit your financial and philanthropic goals. In most cases, a trust provides income to you or your loved ones for a period of time before distributing its balance to The New School. Income from a charitable trust may be taxed differently from ordinary income, and a portion of your income from a trust may even be tax free, depending on your situation. 

    • Gift of stocks and bonds: If you’re holding appreciated assets like stocks and bonds and want to avoid capital gains taxes, you can transfer those assets directly to The New School in support of our mission. Please consult these instructions to transfer securities.

    • Other planned gifts: If you’re considering a planned gift that isn’t referenced on this page, we would love to connect with you! Contact us to discuss your financial and philanthropic goals and find the gift planning vehicle that’s right for you and your loved ones.

    The New School does not provide donors with financial or legal advice. We encourage you to consult with your advisors before entering into a planned gift arrangement with The New School.

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