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  • Parsons’ undergraduate programs challenge you to create in broader, deeper, and more transformative ways. Guided by expert faculty, you develop your creative and critical thinking skills while producing work that reflects human experience and responds to the global call for innovation. Parsons is part of a larger university, so you can elevate your creative work with a wide range of courses offered throughout The New School — from social sciences and liberal arts to media to management and more.

  • All undergraduate students share a first-year experience that provides an introduction to the tools, critical thinking, and skills essential for your journey. Integrated seminars and studios deepen your conceptual abilities and prepare you for a major. As you question, experiment, fabricate, and reflect, you uncover new interests, ideas, and surprising intersections.

  • Undergraduate Programs

  • Parsons is part of The New School, a comprehensive university offering a range of studies, providing you with a broad learning community and numerous opportunities. You benefit from collaborative projects that bring together students from across the university, minors enabling you to tailor your education, and partners who enrich your research and guide your making.
  • Minors at The New School offer opportunities to immerse yourself in new disciplines. These highly creative and enriching courses broaden your skills, interests, and career options. Artists gain a global perspective, historians explore music, designers study sociology. Crossing into a new discipline increases your relevance to a world that equates creativity with multidisciplinary talents.

  • Want to study both art and design and the liberal arts in depth? With our five-year dual degree, you earn a BA from Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts and a BFA from Parsons. The BA/BFA program equips you with the superior critical thinking and studio skills you need to succeed in today's complex globalized workplace or in advanced study.

  • You can customize your studies by taking electives, courses offered throughout the university on a range of topics that you select yourself. Electives enable you to pursue your passions and goals and allow you to expand your skills or focus on subjects closely related to your major. When considering options, allow yourself time to explore—you may discover interests that broaden your opportunities. 

  • Beyond the Classroom

    Enrich your classroom learning and prepare for a career during your studies through Parsons’ extensive learning opportunities that bring in outside perspective. Explore internships, study abroad, career services, and our ample network of industry partners.
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      New York City's thriving creative industry and cultural institutions are part of your Parsons education. Our Career Services Office is deeply connected to the art and design industries and can help you advance your career with industry-oriented internships.

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    • Undergraduate - Beyond the Classroom - Study Abroad

      Study Abroad

      Enrich your learning and prepare for work in global contexts with study abroad that exposes you to new perspectives and settings in which to apply your creativity. Our study abroad destinations include Paris, London, Florence, and more.

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      Industry Engagement

      Connect to the organizations, businesses, and entrepreneurs driving global creativity and commerce. In classes, internships, and extracurricular projects, you gain marketable problem solving skills in sectors ranging from government and nonprofits to tech and creative industries.

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      Making & Academic Resources

      As a Parsons student, you enjoy access to extensive resources including New School libraries, computer labs, archives, and studios, along with Parsons' state-of-the-art Making Center, facilities offering a broad array of tools to support your creative and academic growth.

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  • Parsons faculty comprises world-renowned artists, leading scholars, and creatives who are at the forefront of their industries. Our small class sizes enable you to benefit from their real-world experience and industry access.

  • Tailor Your Path

    Our integrated curriculum allows you to chart your path based on your academic interests and ability to pursue a minor or five-year dual degree (BA/BFA). These Parsons students have made the most of the transdisciplinary combinations available at The New School.
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