• Regina Galvanduque: Designing Spaces to Gather

  • Architectural Design (BFA)

    Regina Galvanduque

    “Anyone can design a beautiful space. The goal is for people to remember the experience,” says BFA Architectural Design graduate Regina Galvanduque.

    It’s a philosophy that has brought the work of the Mexico City–based designer to a broad public through interiors that invite people to gather to share food, ideas, and cultures. Galvanduque is a founder of MYT+GLVDK, an award-winning multidisciplinary firm that integrates architecture, interior design, furniture design, and brand identity in spaces that feel contemporary yet warm, familiar but always surprising. 

    The common thread running through Galvanduque’s projects is the ability to reflect the surrounding community and culture while bringing her clients’ brands to life. “The more we work within the context of the environment and with local resources, the stronger and more harmonious the result is going to be,” says Galvanduque.

    Take, for example, her acclaimed scheme for the eatery Niddo in Mexico City. Before she even began designing, Galvanduque learned about the chef’s cooking methods and ingredients and the type of food that would be served. Drawing on the colors of chocolate, coffee, paprika, and chilies, she came up with a warm palette of deep reds and earthy browns to serve as the basis for her design. The curved lines of the tables, chairs, and pendant lights complement the Art Deco architecture of the building and neighborhood. The integrative approach embodies her 360-degree methodology, whereby the branding and the design are created simultaneously and all elements work together to create a narrative.

    Popular Mexico City restaurant Niddo
    Galvanduque’s design for the popular Mexico City restaurant Niddo incorporates colors reflecting the cuisine.

    As in all of her projects, Galvanduque used only local materials in her design of Niddo, including Mexican marble and tile and native tzalam wood. “I don’t want to import anything, because of the carbon footprint,” she explains. “Sourcing local products builds relationships with neighboring businesses and artisans while strengthening the community and reducing environmental impact.”

    Approaching projects from a collaborative point of view is a skill she acquired at Parsons. “Studying with graphic designers, environmentalists, and lighting designers in the same class challenges you to think about things from different perspectives—and make things better,” she says. 


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