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  • The School of Media Studies offers innovative master’s degrees and certificate programs that prepare students for existing and emerging creative, academic, and business careers.

    Our graduate degree programs give you a broad and well-rounded base from which you can develop a specialized skill set. You will create an interdisciplinary and personalized curriculum and build a strong portfolio of creative media projects, critical thinking skills, and professional experiences. Focused certificate programs are available to equip you with material skills in management and production areas.

  • Graduate Programs

  • In keeping with our commitment to interdisciplinary scholarship and collaboration, The New School offers a unique opportunity for master’s and doctoral students to complete a graduate minor. These structured study pathways, comprised of elective courses, immerse you in disciplines outside of your primary field and expose you to new ideas and alternative modes of research and practice, broadening your skills and expanding your career options.

  • Related Programs

    Undergraduate and Non-Credit Programs

    In addition to master’s degrees and graduate certificates, the School of Media Studies offers several other programs and opportunities for students interested in media. These include noncredit certificates and courses for adults and high school students as well as an undergraduate major in the Bachelor’s Program for Adults.

    Film Production Certificate
    Screenwriting Certificate
    Social Video Pro Certificate
    Continuing Education Courses
    Summer Filmmaking Intensive for High School Students
    BA/BS in Media Studies

  • Making & Learning Opportunities

    The collaborative community at the School of Media Studies offers excellent opportunities to practice  your creative and practical media making skills. Take advantage of the state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge expertise of the school's centers and initiatives and forge a strong professional network through internship programs.
    • Internships


      Benefit from the extensive worldwide network of media industry leaders. Our notable faculty and alumni can connect you to internships at prestigious companies and organizations in New York City and globally. Recent internship opportunities include The New York Times, VICE Media, GLAAD, Telemundo, and Universal.

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    • Red Dog Productions

      Red Dog Productions

      Join a passionate group of Media Studies students and faculty who create top quality multimedia content for and about projects at The New School campus. Red Dog services include video, audio, photography, livestreaming, editing and post production for event documentation, commercials, and explainer videos, as well as trailers and teasers for lectures.

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    • XReality Center

      The XReality Center

      Explore the possibilities of reality-warping technology such as VR and AR. The XReality Center is a research initiative that's collaboratively run by its founder and staff, faculty committee, and student assistants. Its purpose is to advance the study and design innovation of emerging technologies in the areas of virtual, augmented, and mixed realities.

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