• Managing for Social Justice (Graduate Minor)

  • Overview

    The Managing for Social Justice graduate minor is offered through the Schools of Public Engagement.

    The minor provides an opportunity for graduate students across the university to learn how organizations, management, and managers can act as vehicles for fostering social justice, equity, and collective well-being, including the preservation of ecological and social balance in the face of the drive for  economic growth. Most 19th- and 20th-century management theories and practice were developed in a setting where managers were assumed to be white, male, and heterosexual. Today students seek alternative models for managing and organizing, models that equip them to promote inclusion and justice in the workplace. This minor offers students a crucial foundation for realizing that vision and the opportunity to acquire career-relevant skills reflecting The New School’s historical commitment to social justice.


    This graduate minor requires successful completion of 9 credits. The required core course for this minor is Intersections between Management and Social Justice. In addition to the core course, students must select two electives from the chart below.

    Course availability may vary from semester to semester. Some courses may be in development and offered at a later time. Students seeking to pursue alternative coursework in other subject areas to fulfill the minor should consult with their advisors.

    Subject AreaCourse options
    Management and Social Justice Core
    NMGM 5104 Intersections Between Management and Social Justice
    Leadership and Personal Reflexive Praxis
    NMGM 5008 Why Leadership Matters: Power or Potential
    NMGM 5033 Courageous Conversations
    NMGM 5028 Mindfulness-Based Leadership Development
    NMGM 5201 Reclaiming Sacred Ecologies Through Mindfulness

    Teams and Organizational Dynamics
    NMGM 5xxx Team Research and Practice for Inclusive Organizations
    NMGM 5027 Inclusive Leadership and Organizational Design
    NMGM 5xxx Systems Approach to Managing Organizations
    UTNS 5122 Mindfulness and Contemplative Engagement
    Organizational Change Interventions

    Field Level and Contextual View
    NMGM 5030 Reimagining Social Movements
    UTNS 5112 Human Rights in Global Fashion
    PGDM 5150 Regulatory and Ethical Contexts
    PGDM 5110 Sustainable Business Models 
    PSCE 5060 Racism, Classicism, and the Constructed Environment
    UTNS 5406 Gender and Its Discontents
    NMGM 5321 Big Data and the Media: Promises and Pitfalls
    NMGM 5312 Media Ethics

    Learning Outcomes

    A student who has completed this graduate minor should be able to:

    • Grasp the intersections between management and social justice and understand forms of justice and injustice such as racial justice, economic or class-based justice, environmental justice, gender, patriarchy, and heteronormativity and how they shape and influence organizations and intersect with one another 
    • Understand how social justice issues are negotiated and renegotiated by people at different levels of social systems and by different groups in social systems 
    • Map organizational levels as levers of change and help people develop the mindsets and skills they need to employ their own power, values, and ambitions to build a more just society
    • Use capacity building to equip people, organizations, and management systems to address social justice challenges we will be facing in the future 


    Latha Poonamallee, Chair of Management


    The Managing for Social Justice graduate minor is available to graduate degree students across The New School.

    Students can retroactively apply successfully completed courses toward a minor upon declaring or applying. After a student successfully completes a minor's requirements, the minor will appear on the student's academic transcript at graduation.

    For questions about this minor, please contact Latha Poonamallee at [email protected].

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